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Cultural Festival 2022

On Saturday, 17 September, 2022 our cultural festival finally took place again on the market sqare. From 2.30 to 10.00 pm there were lots of activities for children and adults, presentations, music, games, coffee and cake from all over the world as well as an international dinner buffet. It was a wonderful day!

We would like to thank everyone who helped with the cooking, cleaning and organization as well as all the visitors for coming!

Opening of an art exhibition

Mardini, lawyer and artist from Damaskus, has been living in Haltern am See for six years. During the Covid time he has been working on collages, dealing with the situation of women's rights in Syria. Now an exhibition with these collages is taking place in the center of Haltern. The exhibition is dedicated to Mardinis mother, who unfortunately passed away recently.

You are invited to visit the exhibition during the opening hours of the caf├ę, every Wednesday from 4 to 6 pm and every Friday from 11 am to 1 pm.

Important: The Tuesday Caf├ę is going to move to Paul-Gerhard-Haus, Reinhard-Freericks-Stra├če 17, on 17 May, 2022

Information for refugees arriving from Ukraine, their friends and supporters

Currently there are many organizational questions centered arround the registration of and support for people newly arriving from Ukraine. We have collected the most important information in German and Russian (8 May 2022). Please click here to open the article.

Hotline for hosts

The church St. Sixtus is offering a hotline for host families of refugees from Monday to Friday. Host families can ask questions about the current situation and receive practical support. The hotline is open from 9 to 11 am and the number is 02364 9236109.


Here you can find further information (in German).



Psychological Support for Children and Teenagers from Ukraine

The Childrens' Hospital in Datteln is offering psychological support for children and teenagers from Ukraine starting in May. The hours are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 13 till 14:30 pm. The counseling is offered in ukrainian. You can register by calling Mrs. Kessl via phone: 02363/975451



Computer Course for Beginners

On Thursday, 5 May, 2022, a new computer course for beginners started at the Vitus House. The participants are refugees as well as their friends and hosts.


The course takes place every Thursday from 10.00 to 12.30 pm. It does not cost any money.


Currently the course is full. If you are interested to sign up for the waiting list for a new course, please send an email to

Groups for children who do not have a place in Kindergarten yet

Children who do not have a place in Kindergarten yet can participate in so called "Bridgeprojects". "Bridgeprojects" are play groups, taking place once or twice a week and are organized by a qualified teacher. While playing, the children can start learning the German language and building a bridge to the actual kindergarten/school.


At the moment there are some places available at the Conzeallee, Wasserwerkstra├če and in Flaesheim.


If you are interested, please send a mail to

Caf├ę of Cultures and Welcome Caf├ę

The Caf├ę on Wednesday is going to reopen on 16 March. It is going to take place from 4 to 6 p.m. at Vitus, Lippstra├če 7-9.

It is also planned to open the Welcome Caf├ę on Friday starting on 18 March. It is going to take place from 11 am to 1 pm at the Vitus House, Lippstra├če 7-9.

Please bring a recent Corona test certificate, a proof of vacination or a document showing you have recovered from the illness. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Consultation hours at Caritas

The open office hours at the Caritas Office, Sixtusstra├če 39, will continue. Please contact the team by phone or email to sign up beforehand.

Laptop and printer for students

On 27 April, 2020 our new projekt "Digitalpatenschaften" was launched by Gemeindecaritas, Asylkreis, Soft Consult and the mentoring projekt Menschen st├Ąrken Menschen. The project is directed at students who need a laptop and printer for their homework but do not have access to this kind of equipment at home.

Three rooms which were provided by Stadt Haltern am See - the Caf├ę at Erich-K├Ąstner-Schule, (Drususstra├če 2), the studying room at Wasserwerkstra├če 11b and the classroom at Lorenkamp 2d - are going to be opened from Monday to Friday. In each room one volunteer from our school assistance project will supervise a laptop and a printer, on which one student can work.


Appointments can be made from Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 12 am with Lisa Bork 015116224576 (Lorenkamp) or Anna-Lena Albrecht 015125814095 (Caf├ę Erich-K├Ąstner-Schule) and are of course for free. Each computer can be booked for one or two hours. The students should bring their school material and, if possible, a mask. In case they do not have a mask, a new washable, reusable mask will be provided once. The assistants will take care of distance, desinfection of the technical devices and regular opening of the windows. Unfortunately parents and siblings cannot join the sessions at the moment.


We would be happy, if you could tell as many children/families as possible about this new option, so it could be helpful to them.

The two sets of banners for the exhibition "Gesicht einer Flucht" have now been shown about a hundred times at different locations. In 2016, the project started as a series of newspaper articles. Now it has grown more and more, showing the topic of fleeing from a very personal perspective and motivating different audiences and target groups to think and talk about it. Now, four years later, there is an update to the exhibition. Suleiman, Hos-Oynga, Sabrieh and Majed have told us about the experiences they made in Germany, about obstacles and people they met, about sad moments, funny events, about nostalgia and dreams for their future. New pictures have been taken, this time in color, to show the four of them at their workplaces and where they feel at home. They have been printed on new roll-up banners, which have been added to the exhibition. This is why the banners of Faiz, Haroon, Bernd and Samim are no longer travelling with the exhibition. However, their stories and 39 others from Germany and the entire world can still be found on in the section called "Gesichter". The calender featured on the website shows, where the exhibition will be shown next.

Visit by the Lippramsdorf Dancing Group

The visit of the Lippramsdorf Dancing Group will be postponed because of the Corona Virus.

New Meetings of the "Together" choir

At the moment the choir does not meet to prevent the spreading of the Corona virus.

International Cooking Nights

The International Cooking Nights normally take place at Paul-Gerhard-Haus, Reinhard-Freericks-Stra├če 17.

You are invited to join every fourth Thursday of the month. Currently, the cooking nights do not take place to prevent the spreading of the Corona virus.

Europe Event by Forum f├╝r Demokratie, Respekt und Vielfalt

On 11 May, 2019 from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm the Forum f├╝r Demokratie, Respekt und Vielfalt organized a large info event on the upcoming EU-elections on the market sqare in Haltern. Many citizens came to join the flashmob, dicussions etc. You can find further information on the website of the Forum:

Invitation by citzens of Haltern promoting democracy, respect and diversity

On 8 November, 2018, the 80th anniversary of the Reichspogromnacht, the organizing team led by citzens of Haltern promoting democracy, respect and diversity invited everyone to a meeting on the market sqare of Haltern. The event was very impressive and attended by many citizens.

Here you can find a large database of activities concerning integration in Recklinghausen and its surrounding cities.

NEW: Choir "Together"

We have a new international choir at Asylkreis! The choir meets every two weeks on Thursdays with our choirmaster Bernhard H├Âhne. We meet at 8pm at Paul-Gerhardt-Haus, Reinhard-Freericks-Stra├če 17 in Haltern am See. Everyone who likes singing (also without prior experience) and is interested in intercultural exchange is welcome to join. Further information:

We meet for example on 7 and 21 March, 2019.

Homework support

Every Tuesday from 2.30 to 4.30 pm and every Thursday from 3.00 to 5.00 pm there are two voluntary teachers to help you with your homework. The group meets at Hauptschule and is open to all students from grade 5 to 10.

Sewing Caf├ę

Every Monday from 3 to 6 pm at Erich-K├Ąstner-Schule, Drususstra├če 2.

Coffee and cake, sewing and crafts. We would like to invite everyone!

German classes

Here you can find an overview of our German classes.

Get to know Asylkreis

If you are interested in the work of Asylkreis or would like to get to know us in person, you are invited to join the following meeting opportunities:

Caf├ę of Cultures: Wednesday from 3 to 5 pm at Erich-K├Ąstner Schule, Drususstra├če 2

Welcome Caf├ę: Friday from 11 am to 1 pm at Erich-K├Ąstner-Schule, Drususstra├če 2

or to our International Meeting Nights: every 3rd Thursday of the month (18 January, 15 February, 15 March etc.), starting at 7 pm at Paul-Gerhard-Haus, Reinhard-Freericks-Stra├če 17

Support by KOMM-AN NRW and Kommunales Integrationszentrum

We have received a confirmation for financial support by the KOMM-AN NRW project. Additionally, we have a very helpful cooperation with the communal integration center (Kommunales Integrationszentrum) in Recklinghausen. We are very happy to have this opportunity and hope that we can sucessfully continue and extend our existing projects.

Paintings of Hope

Regarding the daily news on terror and hatred in the world, Petra Herrmann, Aziz Mahmoud, Gaby B├╝cker and Bahram Hajou decided to paint colorful pictures with other people on the market square of Haltern, to express hope and peace. They showed symbolically that we should never give up making small changes to encourage positive developements.


Here you can find a video about the event.

Goodbye Dinner

With some support from Caritas and DRK the refugees at the initial housing facility in Sythen have sayed goodbye. After almost seven months at the housing center they will be assigned to different cities in NRW. To say goodbye the refugees invited friends and volunteers to eat and dance together. They held several small but very emotional speeches to show their gratitude and to say thank you for the good collaboration with DRK and Asylkreis/Caritasverband. It was a very nice and moving afternoon! We would like to wish the refugees and employees of the initial housing facility all the best!


In cooperation with Stadtsparkasse Haltern the Syrian artist Aziz Mahmoud has presented new artwork on the topic "Human Being".


The exhibition took place from 22 August till 9 September 2016 at Stadtsparkasse, Koeppstra├če 2 in Haltern am See.

Saz meets Klezmar and Irish Folk

Following the opening of the exhibition, on 19 August at 8 pm there was an international concert at the high school center (Holtwicker Stra├če 3). The Hussein Mahmoud Group, Fidele Tants, members of the Rabies and teachers of the the local music academy in Haltern am See performed and created a wonderful evening full of impressive music.


Thank you for the awesome concert!

Activities on Thursdays

1st Thursday of the month, starting at 7 pm, Exchange Meeting for Volunteers, Erich-K├Ąstner-Schule, Drususstra├če 2


3rd Thursday of the month, starting at 7 pm, International Meeting Night, Paul-Gerhardt-Haus, Reinhard-Freericks-Stra├če 17


4th Thursday of the month, starting at 5.30 pm, International Cooking Night, Pfarrheim St. Laurentius, Augustusstra├če 18


The dance group of the home association in Lippramsdorf has visited Asylkreis. Thank you for the nice afternoon, we had a lot of fun! Here you can find an article about the event.

The German ministery for family, seniors, women and youth and the German Caritas association support friendships and mutual support in Asylkreis! A new project is going to support existing friendships and encourage new encourters between asylum seekers and citizens of Haltern.

Here you can find further information

The local movie studio Mediaworkxx and many sponsors from Haltern have produced small videos for people living in initial housing facilities. Here you can watch and share the videos:

Here you can find a nice video on the Evonik Foundation's support for refugees. Two refugees who live in Haltern are participating in the vocational training programme. The backyard at Lorenkamp is also constructed with the help of the Evonik Foundation. Thank you very much for your support!

Neighborhood Party organized by the Salomov Family

The Salomov family has recently invited all of their neighbors to get to know them better and say thank you for being able to live in such a nice neighborhood.


During the afternoon, about 70 people came to visit and the living room was crowded. Different kinds of cake, potatoe salad and dumplings were offered. The family and their neighbors had a lot of fun and many new contacts have been established.

Invitation by the Good News Singers

The gospel choir Good News Singers invites interested asylum seekers to sing with them! They practice every Monday night starting at eight at DLRG (liveguard society) next to the lake (Strandbad, Hullerner Stra├če 52). If you have any questions or want to sign up, please contact or simply join a practice session.

Welcome Flyer

Do you know people who have quite recently arrived in Haltern and do not know about any Asylkreis activities yet? Here you can find a flyer which may help you explain Asylkreis:

Flyer English

Flyer Arabic

Clean Haltern am See

The families living at Erich-K├Ąstner-Schule and their friends have invited neighbors and friends and collected trash around the school and up the hill to Laurentius church. They were supported by refugees from Gleis 3 in Sythen.



The event started at 9.30 am with a nice breakfast. In a group and with sunny weather, cleaning was fun. Afterwards the group participated in the reward barbecue at Baubetriebshof.


Thank you very much to the refugees, friends and employees of the municipality for planning the event!

Projector for language classes

Kolpingfamilie Haltern am See has helped Asylkreis to purchase a projector for the language classes. We would like to say thank you for this generous donation!

Further pictures can be found here.

Look at me - the face of fleeing

Too many times we hear in the media or in conversations about 'THE' refugees, followed by a generalizing negative statement. With this portrait-project Asylkreis wants to provide a face to 'fleeing' in general. It wants to create interest for the specific stories of asylum seekers, especially for those readers who are undecided or sceptical towards the matter. Refugees are not problems but people like you and me. They have a personal story which made them leave their home. Now they tell this story and show their faces.


This needs courage and openness, since the refugees write about their experiences, thoughts and wishes themselves. Many have actively learned German during the past few months and can express themselves clearly and in an understandable way. Participants are supported by the freelance journalist Gerburgis Sommer. Moving messages have been created which often end with a message or greeting to the people of Haltern. First, the authors show their faces to Jennifer Gizenaar, who creates impressive pictures at her studio 'Augenblick'. They invite: to have a look - and to view the so far happy ending of a flight.

Here you can find further information for Refugees

Christian from Haltern and Patrick from the US have founded a free online language learning platform. Check out the website and try it!

Info Flyer Health Care










The Health Group has made a flyer about the health care system for refugees in Haltern am See.

To download the files please click on the pictures. The brochure will be printed on two sheets of A4 paper (double sided) and folded to A5 format to make a booklet. Soon, there will be printed versions available at the Welcome Caf├ę, at Sozialamt, at most doctors' offices as well as from the volunteers taking care of your housing facility (Unterkunftspaten).


For comments and corrections please contact or



Road Safety

Here you can find information on Road Safety in Germany. Soon there will be a information available in

  • German/English/Arabic
  • German/Farsi respectively Dari/Pashto
  • German/French/Tigrinya
  • German/Albanian/Kurdish

Busses and Trains in Haltern

This is an overview of bus and train connections in Haltern.


Thanks to Henning for designing this map!


Please click to enlarge the picture.



Doing Sports in Haltern

Here you can find an overview of sports activities and associations in Haltern, of which refugees can become members.


For a larger view, please click on the picture. 


Thank you to the associations and contacts!

The municipality is searching for apartments

Regarding the growing number of refugees, the municipality of Haltern is asking all citizens for help. To offer adequate housing to all asylum seekers interested citizens are asked to offer vacant private apartments for rent. This can include empty buildings which are awaiting remodeling or will be replaced soon. In case the rental apartments/buildings are in a sufficient condition containing all necessary installations, they can be rented temporarily.


In case you are interested in renting out an apartment/building please contact


Michael Schniederjan

+49 (0) 2364 / 933-250




Hermann Neukirchen

+49 (0) 2364 / 933-220



Thank you!

Asylkreis Haltern would like to thank the citizens of Haltern am See for their overwhelming willingness to help and donate!

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